San Francisco IT Professional community presents two days of in depth training on Microsoft’s Hyper-V in Server 2012R2.

Paul’s Slides
Disks and VMs

System Center
Paul’s Blog – 

Aidan’s Slides
AFinn Day 1 – HA
AFinn Day 1 – Hyper-V Replica
AFinn Day 1 – Networking
AFinn Day 1 – Storage Spaces
AFinn Day 2 – Live Migration
AFinn Day 2 – SOFS
Aidan’s Blog –


Registration link – November’s Hyper-V Deep Dive November 14-15.

About the event

This event is for IT Professional who are looking for in-depth technical information about Microsoft’s Hyper-V in Server 2012R2, Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), managing Hyper-V with Powershell, remote direct memory access (RDMA), clustering, high availability, site to site or extend replication, public/private cloud, Windows Server Gateway, SMB 3.0, vSANs, Gen2 VMs, compression for faster replications, VM Cloning, disk tiering, Linux support, Hyper-V/VMware coexistence, managing a VMware servers with Microsoft tools.

Our in-depth discussion about virtualization would be incomplete if we didn’t discuss the hardware, (servers, disk subsystems, and network infrastructure), needed to support virtualization platforms.  Along those line we will also discuss the third-party add on solutions Hyper-V and VMware can use to provide a robust fault tolerant solution for your data center.

Two Day Agenda
Day 1 morning sessions
– Microsoft’s Virtualization platform.  Hyper-V, virtualized storage, Server 2012R2, Virtual Machine Manager (VMM).
Feature and Performance Comparison –  Comparison of VMware, Hyper-V.
Cost-Performance comparison – VMware with EMC, NetApp with Hyper-V, Windows Storage.
High Availability – Host Clustering, VM clustering, Virtualized Storage.
Site to Site Replication – Cost effective Disaster planning.
Public/Private Cloud – Your concerns about AD and data in the cloud, security, reliability, and performance.

Day 1 afternoon sessions – Deep Dive
Disk Formats – VHD, VHDx, VMDKs, format conversions, disk cloning and exporting/importing.
Disk Performance Enhancements – disk-tiering, and data de-duping.
VM Generations –
Comparison of Gen 1 and Gen 2 virtual machines.
Networking – Maximizing Performance, NIC teaming,  RDMA over RoCE, Mellanox InfiniBand, Software Defined Networks.
Networked Storage – SMB3, vSANs, iSCSI, Windows Storage Server, and storage QoS.

Day 2 morning sessions – Deep Dive
Live Migrations – Virtual Machines and Storage.
High Availability – Host and VM clustering, Cluster Aware Updates, site to site replication.

Day 2 afternoon sessions – Deep Dive
Co-existence – Managing your existing VMware environment from Hyper-V.  Linux VMs on Hyper-V.
Security – Delegation, roles and privileges.
Library Server – ISO and VM library, and Automatic Virtual Machine Activation
Third party enhancements products to Hyper-V.
Your design and architecture questions – Your opportunity to ask questions about your environment.
Is Hyper-V a viable cost/performance alternative to existing VMware, EMC, NetApp discussion.

Who should attend?
Anyone who wants to have an in-depth technical knowledge of Microsoft’s Hyper-V, Windows Storage Server and would like to know how Hyper-V compares to VMware in terms of performance and price.  IT Pros, IT Managers, CIOs, CTOs, VMware administrators, Storage Administrators.  Our goal is to make you an expert in Hyper-V in two days.

Techdays are IT Pro community events for IT Pros by IT Pros.  Do not think for one minute this is a commercial for Microsoft products, it won’t be.  This event will contain highly technical talks about Hyper-V; what works, what’s still being developed, and will include presentations on performance, best practices and tips from users of Hyper-V.

Aidan Finn – Author, Microsoft Virtualization MVP, Hyper-V blogger
Paul Ferrill – InfoWorld author, Virtualization blogger
Doug Spindler – Microsoft Virtualization MVP, College IT Professor, IT Pro Community leader

Thursday November 14, 9am-4pm
Friday November 15, 9am-4pm

Microsoft San Francisco Office
835 Market Street, Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94103

Snacks and beverages
Snacks and beverages will be provided throughout the two days.  San Francisco has hundreds of restaurants within a few blocks of the event for every palate and budget.  Rather than offer a limited selection of meal choices we thought you would enjoy your visit to San Francisco if you made your own arrangements for meals.


We’ve reserved a block of rooms at Hotel Union Square from November 13-16.  Use Group Code BOOT 13. OT13

Airports – SFO and OAK.  Both airports are serviced the Bay Area’s metro system called BART.

Link to registration