This is a one day, introductory hands-on workshop for IT Professionals who want to learn about computer-forensics.  (This is something all IT Pros should know how to do.)  In this workshop attendees will be given forensic tools and shown how to use them to investigate a compromised computer and how to preserve the data in a forensically approved manner.

This is a one day hands-on training event on Computer Forensics with emphasis on the analysis of computers running Microsoft Windows.

Our presenter has over 10 years of computer forensics experience which includes performing investigations at the Suffolk County DA’s office, private-sector consulting, and teaching Computer Forensics at a Boston area college. For those of you looking for employment opportunities you might want to look into computer forensics as computer crimes are not decreasing.

Attend this training event and you will be introduced to tools you can use across the disciplines of IT, InfoSec, and computer forensics.  This is a unique opportunity for Pac IT Pros members to learn and use the tools law enforcement and consultants use to investigate computer crimes. You will also learn secrets about Microsoft operating systems that many people don’t know exist.

Location: Microsoft’s Office San Francisco, 835 Market Street – 7th floor.
Monday April 12, 2010 – Hours 9-5
Bring a computer with Windows OS, (XP, Vista, Win 7 – can be VMs) and USB memory stick.

Workshop supplements for attendees
Hands-On Computer Forensics – Pac IT Pros – 041210
Link to workshop forum


The training event was very well attended.

MS Security Class

Students learned:
Introduction to Computer Forensics
Forensic Data Acquisition to Encrypted Volumes
Forensic Image Navigation
Data Carving
Windows Live Memory Acquisition & Analysis
Malware Identification
Metadata Hunting
Email Databases
Windows Registry Analysis
Password Recovery using Rainbow Tables
Virtual Machines
Additional Resources
Internet Investigations